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    Conveyor Rollers

    Conveyor rollers are most commonly found on production lines or in large warehousing situations. Roller units allow users and machines to move objects both large and small with ease. Using rollers allows the user to work with minimal risk when working with heavier objects or awkward loads as a conveyors roller distributes the weight of an object across multiple rollers allowing for even and safe travel, this ease of use provides a more efficient and safer working environment.

    How do Conveyor Rollers work?

    Conveyor rollers are attached at each end to a frame to allow the rollers body to spin. The rollers are mounted parallel to each other with consistent spacing and can be mounted with shallow angles to produce corners allowing for mobility around the workspace.

    Rollers are typically made of metal however; roller tubes can also be made of plastic depending on the application. Rollers come in varying diameters and lengths with maximum load capacities, users must always consider the application of a conveyor roller to ensure suitable strength over time without failure is assured.

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