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    Roller Track

    Roller track, also referred to as conveyor track, provide an ideal solution to pallet handling and transportation of goods. Often found in warehouses and factories, roller tracks allow heavy loads to be moved and transported effortlessly along an assembly line. Track rollers tend to be mounted in a steel frame and are able to move heavy and light loads via rollers that utilise the force of gravity.

    Roller track is used as space and time-saving solution within the distribution industry as they can carry all kinds of goods. The tracks help to reduce the walking done when picking and packing, plus they save valuable floor space and enable accurate stock rotation.

    Why use roller track?

    Roller track is a highly versatile form of conveyor system, capable of conveying light and heavyweights in a range of environments. They are reliable, low noise and don't require electrical power to operate. Roller track is also quick and easy to assemble and require minimal maintenance, making them simple yet highly effective. Furthermore the frames do not distort under load and often feature high operating temperatures.

    Where can I use roller Track?

    Roller track is available in various lengths and materials, making them ideal for use in various environments. They are ideal for moving trays, cartons and hard plastic totes in warehouse environments. They can also be used for standard pallet racking systems and stock rotation control in distribution centres.

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