Conveyor Guide Rails

What are Conveyor Guide Rails?

Our range of guides, tubes, rails and accessories for use with conveyor systems in material transport and production include clamps, brackets, rails and other support mechanisms. Guide rails, profile rails or slide rails provide adjustment to the transported goods ensuring they can move through a conveyer system with ease and reliability. Using conveyor guide rails can maintain production and transport without the need for manual intervention.

How do Conveyor Guide Rails work?

Clamping heads sit in a holder and support various profile rails along the sides of the conveyor. Holders support the clamping heads to maintain position when parts run into the rails. Spacers sit under the holders for increasing system width to ensure the exact support required can be created. These modular systems can be applied to almost any conveyor system and are a robust and reliable addition to any production environment.

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Omschrijving Prijs Component Type Load Capacity Diameter Length Width Height
RS-stocknr. 665-7220
Fabrikantnummer3 842 525 457
FabrikantBosch Rexroth
25,93 €
1 Bag of 20
End Cap - - 45mm 50mm 4mm
RS-stocknr. 215-4797
61,61 €
Aantal stuks
- - - 130mm 55mm 24mm
RS-stocknr. 665-7172
Fabrikantnummer3 842 539 498
FabrikantBosch Rexroth
76,94 €
1 Bag of 10
Clamping Head - 12mm 100mm - -
RS-stocknr. 665-7176
Fabrikantnummer3 842 539 500
FabrikantBosch Rexroth
101,75 €
1 Bag of 10
Clamping Head - 18mm 100mm - -
RS-stocknr. 665-7205
Fabrikantnummer3 842 528 540
FabrikantBosch Rexroth
8,85 €
Aantal stuks
Clamping Lever - 6mm 25mm - -