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    What is a computer mouse?

    A computer mouse is an essential computer peripheral. It is a hand operated input device that controls and navigates an on screen cursor. It typically has two buttons at the front, referred to as right click and left click. Some models integrate more buttons with different functionality. Most feature a scroll wheel as standard in the middle of the device.

    Should I choose a wired or wireless mouse?

    A wired mouse has an excellent reaction time and ensures that there is no delay or lag between moving or clicking the mouse and the onscreen cursor reaction. A wired mouse draws power directly from the computer or laptop, which means that no additional power sources such as batteries are required. Gamers normally choose a wired mouse as they have a greater DPI rating (dots per inch) than a wireless mouse. DPI is a measure of how sensitive a mouse is and a mouse with a higher DPI will react to smaller movements.

    A wireless mouse offers you a greater degree of freedom than a wired counterpart as they are more portable. Some wireless mice utilise Bluetooth to connect to the laptop or computer, but most use a small USB receiver. These are referred to as RF (radio frequency) mice. Wireless mice can help to keep the area around your computer or laptop tidy as there is no clutter or tangle of wires.

    What is an ergonomic mouse?

    An ergonomic mouse is a mouse that has been designed to reduce the discomfort, pain or injury caused by repetitive movements. Ergonomic mice are optimised to fit a more natural hand position. Vertical mice and trackball mice fall within this category.

    Should I pick an optical mouse or laser mouse?

    Laser mice are normally wired, and offer a higher DPI than optical mice. If you are require a very precise mouse for applications such as graphic design or gaming, a laser mouse is recommended. However, a laser mouse can be mostly costly than an optical mouse. An optical mouse uses LEDs to detect movement, and is suitable for everyday use. You must use an optical mouse on a flat, opaque surface to get the best results.

    What if I'm left-handed?

    Some computer mice are designed solely for right handed users. However, many models are ambidextrous and can be used by someone who is either left-handed or right-handed.

    Do I need to install anything?

    The vast majority of computer mice are plug and play. Bluetooth mice don't typically need any additional software to run, but you will need to pair the mouse with your computer or laptop.

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