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    Chains are a series of pieces called links and are most commonly made from metal, often found in either link or bead format. These links are intertwined to create the chain and provide high tensile strength.

    Chain structures vary in size, link length, width and thickness and are all factors to consider when buying chain for any application. The various materials and coating of the chains mean they are ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

    When using chain in industry the lifting load value is crucial to ensure a safe working environment. Chains can be used for lifting, pulling, security and more.

    What is a chain link?

    Chain links or chain repair links are individual steel links that are designed to join 2 pieces of chain together, to repair broken links or to extend long or short link chain.

    Types of Chain Linking Hardware

    Quick Repair Links - Quick links have a small opening in them which is covered by a nut. To make a connection the nut is unscrewed to expose the opening, the connecting chains' link is inserted, and the nut screwed back into place again. No tooling is necessary.

    Spring Link - Spring links have a small hinged spring section in them for easy connection and disconnection. The hinged section is pressed open to insert rope or chain. Once released the hinged section springs shut providing a secure connection. Also available with swivel action to prevent tangling. Spring links are versatile and have a wide range of uses at work and in home and leisure.

    Spring Hook - Spring hooks consist of an open hook terminated with a connecting hook. The connecting hook has a hinged spring latch that opens when pressed to insert rope or chain.

    Swivel Snap Hook - Swivel snap hooks consist of a connecting hook with a hinged spring latch that enables easy insertion of rope, chain or straps. The connecting hook is terminated with a connecting link and has a swivelling action which prevents tangling. Swivel snap hooks can be used in a wide range of applications

    Quick links, spring links, spring hooks and swivel snap hooks are made from stainless steel and are available with corrosion-resistant finishes including galvanised, zinc and nickel platings making them suitable for outdoor use. These links and hooks are available with a range of link diameters and lengths to suit a range of chains and applications.

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