Chip Programming Adapters


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RS-stocknr. 162-8286
107,15 €
Each (In a Bag of 4)
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64 Pin ZIF Socket Board MSP430F13x, MSP430F14x, MSP430F14x1, MSP430F15x, MSP430F16x, MSP430F16x1, MSP430F23x, MSP430F24x, MSP430F24xx, MSP430F261x, MSP430F41x, MSP430F42x, MSP430F42xA, MSP430FE42x, MSP430FE42x2, MSP430FE42xA, MSP430FW42x
RS-stocknr. 162-8294
98,908 €
Each (In a Bag of 4)
Aantal stuks
100 Pin ZIF Socket Board MSP430F563x, MSP430F663x, MSP430F665x