Bump Caps

Bump Caps are made of a variety of materials and colours including cotton, cloth, and polyester and can be supplied with built in protective material such as ABS, HDPE. Our range is adjustable fitting any head size, some include built-in sweatbands and are washable.

Bump Caps are also known as baseball bump caps and hard caps, available in various colours and styles including Hi-Vis detail. Hi-Vis is important when working in dimly lit and hazardous environments ensuring you are seen. Your view is unrestricted, and the cap will ensure your safety and provide necessary head protection as provided by safety regulation EN812. Ensure the cap you require has the correct peak, our range includes standard peak, short peak and long peak ensuring that your view is protected especially from reflective surfaces and bright light.

Safety regulations require that Head Protection must be worn when working in hazardous environments, and a full assessment must be undertaken to determine the suitability of the head protection required.

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Omschrijving Prijs Protective Material Cap Material Fully Adjustable Head Size Integral Sweatband Machine Washable Colour Adjustable Complies With EN812 Peak Type
RS-stocknr. 138-0652
FabrikantDelta Plus
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Cotton, Polyester Cotton, PET Yes - - Yes Black, Grey Yes Yes Standard