Electronics Varnishes

Electronics varnishes and lacquers are coating materials applied to PCBs (printed circuit boards) to protect the board and its components from corrosion and the external environment.

Chemicals, dust, temperature extremes and moisture can damage electronic components, so protection is required to ensure efficient functioning is maintained. In addition to protecting electronics from failure or damage, varnishes and lacquers also help electronics to withstand harsh environments.

How do electronics varnishes and lacquers work?

Electronics varnishes and lacquers protect electronic boards from environmental contaminates while also allowing any trapped moisture to escape.

They are typically applied onto a PCB by painting or spraying. By covering and protecting the leads of electronic components, solder joints, exposed traces and other metallic areas from corrosion, these coating materials extend the working life of PCBs.

What are electronics varnishes and lacquers used for?

Electronics varnishes and lacquers provide the necessary combination of reliability and high performance within a vast majority of electronic devices in applications such as:

  • Military and industrial settings
  • The aerospace industry
  • Green energy
  • Shipping
  • Lighting
  • Domestic and mobile electronics

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RS-stocknr. 118-1554
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Colourless PCBs +100°C Aerosol - 45kV/mm 200 ml - -50°C
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- Electrical Circuit Protection +140°C Aerosol Urethane 80kV/mm 200 ml - -40°C