Electronics Cleaners & Protective Coatings

Our range of electronic cleaners and coatings includes products you’ll need for sensitive and anti-static areas, and freezer sprays, precision cleaners and more.

Why buy specialist electronic cleaners and coatings?

Electronics cannot be washed with water, it’s vital to clean electronics correctly to remove dirt and prevent damage.

What can be used to remove dirt or grease?

Cleaning dirt or grease from electronics and their surface can be tricky, you may be worried that you are using the wrong product or that it’s not safe.

We stock several cleansers to assist with electronic cleaning. Here are some of our popular cleaning methods:

  • Air dusters- this is a can of compressed air or spray-in-air that blasts away grime that may harm your electronics
  • Anti-Static Wipes- anti-static wipes reduce the collection of static on screens or cables. You can get wet anti-static wipes; which are used for cables, and dry anti-static wipes; used for computer screens.
  • Contact Cleaners- Similar to air dusters but use a solvent that evaporates upon contact to provide a deep clean and dry quickly and is fast acting.
  • Freezer Sprays-Used as a troubleshooting aid for intermittently faulty equipment, they also increase the visibility of cold solder joints, cracks in printed circuit boards and oxidised junctions.
  • Precision Cleaners & Degreasers- deep clean your electronics with a precision degreaser, this often requires time to dry but a good deep cleaning tool.
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning Fluids- used with ultrasound waves and are more likely to be used in an industrial setting. Typically this method is used for medical implements and jewellery.
  • We also carry a wide range of conformal coatings, varnishes and lacquers which can coat and protect your electronics from a build-up of dirt and reduce the trapped grime

How safe are these electronic cleaning products?

When used and stored correctly, they are safe for both you and your electronics. Always read labels as many of these products use solvents, harmful to your health.

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