Server Cabinet Accessories

What are server cabinet accessories?

Server cabinet accessories are a range of different products that can be used to customise and enhance your server cabinet. Some accessories also enable easier installation of servers and equipment into server cabinets. Data cabinet accessories help to keep equipment secured on the rack, well organised and at a controlled temperature. They can also help with maintenance, as they can provide you with easier access to the equipment within a server rack cabinet.

Where are the accessories used?
Rack accessories are used in various industries like server installations, telecommunications, broadcasting, lighting systems, audio systems and scientific lab equipment.

What types of accessories are there?
While a wide range of products can fit into the remit of rack accessories, these can be classified by their use:
Fastening accessories: Fastening accessories allow you to secure and mount equipment. Example accessories include screws, mounting brackets, tie bars and plates.
Cooling accessories: Fan expansion kits, ventilation covers, mesh panels and vented grills can help with airflow and prevent overheating.
Organisational accessories: Stacking kits and identification strips can help you to organise your rack cabinet.
Structural support accessories: earthing bars, clamps and tray offer additional support within you data cabinet.
Sliding support accessories: Card guides, DIN rail clips and slide rails allow you to easily mount 19 inch server racks within the cabinet. They may installation quick and easy.
Additional hardware: Additional hardware allows you to personalise server cabinets. Example accessories include rack shelves, feet, casters, doors, handles, side plates and enhanced security solutions such as locks.

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