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    IEC Filters

    IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) filters are designed to reduce electromagnetic interference originating from power mains. The filters absorb the noise generated by either the device itself or other equipment surrounding it.

    IEC filters make equipment or machinery more resistant to electromagnetic interference from the environment. Standard IEC filters consist of line impedance stabilisation networks, transistor circuits, mains power supplies and noise separator circuits.

    What are IEC filters used for

    IEC filters are typical interference reduction and prevention tools in many industries. They are used as precautionary measures in medical equipment where interference may prevent proper functioning of heart monitors or ICU devices.

    In power supplies or electronic equipment industries, the IEC filter contains internally generated noise inside the device and blocks out external line noise. IEC filters have domestic uses, for instance in kitchenware like kettles and microwaves where internal electromagnetic interference is frequently created, and may otherwise damage the appliance.

    Types of IEC filters

    There are a vast number of IEC filter types available, each of which is adapted to a specific usage.

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