RS PRO 12 pieces Insulated Pliers and Screwdriver Set

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RS PRO 12 Piece Insulated Plier and Screwdriver Set

Introducing the RS PRO 12 Piece insulated pliers and screwdriver set. This set of insulated RS PRO precision tools is supplied in a VDE approved vinyl wallet for secure transport and storage and features a wide variety of tools to be able to complete most applications, especially when working with live electrics or energised circuits. The cutters, pliers and screwdrivers are ideal for working up to 1000 V ac or 1500 V dc, making them essential tools for safe working in a professional or home DIY capacity.

Cutters and Pliers – Features and Benefits:

• Special tool steel for extra durability and heavy-duty use
• Corrosion-resistant Chrome finish for easy cleaning
• Ergonomic and comfortable DuoTech soft grip handles
• Ideal for use when cutting small wires, electrical work, communications and construction work
• Suitable for cutting soft and hard wires
• VDE Approved

Screwdrivers - Features and Benefits:

• Hardened Chrome Vanadium steel blade for high-strength and optimum durability
• Phosphate finish for additional corrosion protection and improved friction to reduce slipping and fastener rounding when applying maximum torque
• Ergonomic and comfortable C-PLUS soft grip handle
• VDE Approved

Is this screwdriver magnetised?
No, this screwdriver is not magnetised but can be simply magnetised by using one of magnetisers available here at RS e.g. 667-3471

Automatic Wire Stripper - Features and Benefits:

• RS PRO Automatic wire stripper for all common stranded and solid conductors of 0.2 mm to 6.0 mm² (24 AWG - 10 AWG)
• Adjustable length stop of 5 mm to 12 mm (removable if necessary) for added versatility dependant on application
• Easily accessible built-in side cutter for max. 2 mm Ø

Compact Utility Knife - Features and Benefits:

• A sharp blade that can cut through materials clean and quick
• Stainless steel blade housing
• Auto-lock mechanism to ensure optimum safety whilst in use
• Ergonomic handle for enhanced comfort and control
• A safe and secure mechanism for changing blades
• Comes with 2x 18mm replacement blades

What replacement blades can I use with this knife?
Any 18mm snap off replacement blades can be used, for example, RS Stock Number 813-2764 or 813-2773

Compact Tape Measure - Features and Benefits:

• EEC II accuracy class
• Measurement in Metric units
• Double-stop
• Ergonomic and durable ABS case with no-slip ridges to allow for accurate measurement when handling the tape case

Applications of Insulated Tool Kits

Insulated tools are perfect for live line working or working with energised circuits, allowing you to confidently carry out a range of tasks whilst providing protection from electrocution. Insulated tool kits like this are commonly used in a variety of areas such as:
• Railway maintenance
• Electrical engineering
• Installation
• Electrician work

Kit Contents:

• Slotted Screwdrivers (VDE Approved) x 3
• Insulated Phillips Screwdrivers (VDE Approved) x 2
• Insulated Combination Pliers (VDE Approved) x 1
• Insulated Diagonal Cutter (VDE Approved) x 1
• Insulated Long Nose Pliers (VDE Approved) x 1
• Single-Pole Voltage Tester (VDE Approved-Long) x 1
• Automatic Wire Stripper x 1
• Compact Utility Knife 18 mm x 1
• Compact Tape Measure x 1

Why use insulated tools?

Insulated hand tools are essential when working with a live energised circuit as they offer protection from electrocution. VDE approved hand tools allow you to confidently work with circuits that may need to remain live, such as railway tracks. If working with live circuits or the possibility of exposed live components, insulated tools are vital as without them you could risk electrocution, injury or even death.

How to ensure an insulated tool is safe to use:

• Before use, always perform a visual check ensuring that there are no cracks, peeling nicks or cuts present as this will expose the inner material and increase the risk of injury.
• Always store and keep insulated tools away from sharp objects that could possibly damage the insulation.
• Regularly clean and maintain them to ensure maximum protection and prolonged life.
• Keep them away from heat sources


• Avoid touching parts of a tool that are not covered by the insulating material when working with live circuits and always wear protective clothing such as gloves and boots for maximum protection • This kit cannot be sold to anyone under the age of 18 due to the utility knife in the kit

RS Pro 1000V Plier Set

Kenmerk Waarde
Number of Pieces 12
Set Contents E25-AS06 Automatic Wire Stripper, G01 Series C-PLUS Insulated Slotted Screwdriver, G01-040-100 (4 x 100 mm) C-PLUS Insulated Slotted Screwdriver, G01-055-125 (5.5 x 125 mm) C-PLUS Insulated Slotted Screwdriver, G02-001-080 (PH x 80 mm)C-PLUS Insulated Phillips Screwdriver, G02-002-100 (PH2 x 100 mm) C-PLUS Insulated Phillips Screwdriver, G10-18-0180 (180 mm) Insulated Combination Piler, G12-18-0160 (160 mm) Insulated Diagonal Cutter, G15-18-0160 (160 mm) Insulated Long Nose Plier, J45C (18 mm) Compact Utility Knife, P05-0316 (3 m x 16 mm) Compact Tape Measure, 6106 Single Pole Voltage Tester
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Prijs 1 Set
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145,03 €
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