Tool Kits & Tool Storage

Whether you're looking for a tool chest, box or cabinet, we have a wide selection of tool storage to meet your needs including PC service kits, Engineers and Electronics kits and maintenance toolkits. We stock all sorts of tool kits from a range of manufacturers including DeWalt, Facom, Bosch and Bahco as well as a wide assortment of RS Pro branded kits.

Wall Mount tool holders

Wall mount tool holders help you organise your tools safely and are designed to help you maintain a tidy workshop and to identify tools quickly. They can easily be mounted to a wall, workbench or on a rail.

Wall Mount Tool cabinets

Wall mounted tool cabinets are ideal where space is limited and are often lockable making them ideal storage for tools in premises such as workshops and garages. Some cabinets are also available with perforated door panels for use with hook on accessories. We carry a wide range of tool cabinets which can act as a part of a portable workspace if you happen to get a modular roller cabinet.

Tool rolls

Tool rolls are often made from material and contain different sized pockets to hold tools such as screwdrivers and spanners. These are great for mobile engineers or for just storing a small range of tools.

Tool cases

Tool cases come in various sizes and are a great solution for many different uses such as tool storage, arts and craft and hobbyist. Most tool cases have a heavy-duty outer case, handle for easy transportation and a lock to keep tools safe.

Do I need a tool box or tool chest?

A tool chest tends to be used more for an industrial or commercial purpose, that's not saying they shouldn't be used for home enthusiasts as we stock many variations which can fit any potential applications, tool chests have very little maneuverability.

A tool box could also be used more conveniently, they take up significantly less space than a tool chest but can still offer significant protection for your tool kit. A benefit of tool boxes is that they are portable whilst staying solid, unlike a tool bag and offer a reasonable amount of storage.

A tool bag can also have its appeal, it is ideal for home enthusiasts or those who wish to avoid bulky tool chests or boxes, many tool bags have built-in pockets for easy organisation and storage of your tools

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