RS PRO LDPE Laboratory Bottle With Narrow Neck, 250mL

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RS PRO 250ml LDPE Wash Bottle With Narrow Neck

This lightweight and durable LDPE wash bottle from our trusted and highly reliable own brand RS PRO is an ideal wash bottle commonly used in laboratories to rinse glass labware such as test tubes and jars. These LDPE bottles are squeezable allowing liquids to be easily dispensed via dispensing caps. The narrow mouth allows liquids to be poured and dispense more precisely, reducing spillages. These bottles also feature a durable cap for safe storage and to prevent spillages.

Features and benefits

• Lightweight and durable LDPE (low-density polyethylene) design
• Leakproof container
• Can store 250ml liquid
• Colour coded

What are LDPE wash bottles used for?

LDPE bottles are often used in laboratories for sterilization and to rinse labware such as beakers and test tubes. They can be filled with a number of cleaning liquids and detergents such as acetone.

What is LDPE?

LDPE refers to low-density polyethylene and is a type of squeezable and flexible plastic commonly used to make wash bottles. The durable yet bendable compound makes them an ideal material for storing cleansing liquids that require vapours from pressure build-up to escape whilst keeping air from getting into the liquid.

What is the difference between LDPE and HDPE?

Whilst both LDPE and HDPE contain similar properties, they are also very different. LDPE is much more flexible and is ideal for use in plastic containers or food packaging, whereas HDPE has a higher chemical resistance and can withstand higher temperatures.

Difference between wide-neck and narrow-neck?

LDPE and HDPE bottles are available as either narrow-neck or wide-neck depending on the required application. LDPE plastic bottles tend to have a wide-neck to allow sterilisation fluids to be poured in quicker and more efficiently whilst reducing the risk of spillages. Narrow-neck LDPE wash bottles allow for more precision when dispensing sterilization liquids.

Kenmerk Waarde
Material LDPE
Capacity 250ml
Neck Type Narrow Neck
Bottle Type Wash Bottle
Dimensions 6.1 Dia. x 17.5cm
Diameter 61mm
Length 175mm
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