CCTV Lenses

A CCTV lens is an attachment for a CCTV or camera system that is used to extend its field of view and focal length.

How do they work?

Compatibility is first checked to ensure the lens fits with your model. You then attach the lens, usually screwing it into place with a circular motion. They work by amplifying the field of view of the camera through several lenses inside the lens its self. This offers a wider coverage area and greater view ranges.

What are the benefits of a CCTV Lens?

  • Provide greater security to an area with more zooming functionality

  • Clearer imagery produced by zooming in

  • Easy to mount and maintain

  • Optimised for light sensitivity

  • No distortion or colour defects

Where might I use one?

  • Around your home CCTV systems

  • Business or work premises

  • Industrial, manufacturing

  • Shops and supermarkets

  • Restaurants and hotels

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Omschrijving Prijs Focal Length Maximum Aperture Iris Control IR Correction Diameter Compatible Sensor Size Length Width
RS-stocknr. 776-9396
FabrikantRS PRO
66,56 €
Aantal stuks
2.8 → 12mm F1.4-360 Direct Drive - 34.4mm - 61mm -
RS-stocknr. 150-4173
FabrikantRS PRO
71,77 €
Aantal stuks
2.8 → 12mm F1.4 - - 34mm 1/2.7 in, 1/3 in, 1/4 in 47.2mm -
RS-stocknr. 524-5220
141,75 €
Aantal stuks
5 → 50mm F1.3 Automatic - 43.5mm 1/3in 58.0mm 57.5mm
RS-stocknr. 213-906
131,25 €
Aantal stuks
2.8 → 12mm F1.3 Automatic Yes 37.5mm 1/3in 56mm 48mm
RS-stocknr. 494-8136
117,36 €
Aantal stuks
5 → 50mm F1.3-16C Manual - 47mm 1/3in 57.7mm -