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    Solder Flux Removers

    Solder flux removers are cleaners used to remove flux residue and other contaminants from PCBs and electronic components. Our range of solder flux include leading brands such as; Ambersil, Chemtronics, Cramolin, Electrolube, MG Chemicals, Techspray and RS PRO.

    How do Solder flux removers work?

    Flux residue can promote corrosion and thus cause short circuits, leading to the destruction or degrading of electronic components. Solder flux removers remove deposits of flux, soldering oils, grease and dirt and leave no residues.

    Types of user applications

    Solder flux removers come in the form of wipes or sprays. Factors to consider when choosing an appropriate flux remover include:

    • Solvent compatibility
    • The type of flux to be removed
    • The ease of application

    Application Information

    Solder flux are used for cleaning PCBS, electronic sub-assemblies and other electronic components. Some flux removers will also effectively remove solder pastes and burnt-on flux residue as well as electronics varnish and lacquers. Typical applications of flux removers include the cleaning of:

    • PCBs
    • Chip carriers
    • Relays
    • Sockets
    • Switches
    • Surface mount device (SMD) pads
    • Plugs
    • Heat sinks
    • Work areas
    • Post-solder operations
    • Sensitive circuit components
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