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    Desoldering Nozzles

    Desoldering nozzles are great for when you need desolder components from a circuit board or the removal of solder. These nozzles are perfect for when need desolder components and fit within many desoldering tools. Various types of desoldering nozzles allow for numerous jobs from very precise small nozzles to wider nozzles for a larger surface area.

    All desoldering nozzles & tips meet manufacturers specifications and our range include leading brands such as Abeco, CK, Ersa, Metcal, Rapid, Weller and RS PRO.

    Desoldering Nozzles are suitable for;

    • Desoldering guns
    • Hot air guns
    • Hot air pencils
    • Gas soldering irons


    Desoldering Nozzles & Tips are vital accessories for soldering desoldering equipment used in;

    • Electronic & electrical serving
    • Maintenance
    • Rework soldering
    • DIY
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