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    Backing Pads & Mandrels

    Backing pads work with mandrels is an attachment that secures sanding and polishing accessories to power tools. The abrasive part is held securely against the backing pad by a locking disc or hook fixture. Backing pads are made from materials including rubber, aluminium and composite resin. Mandrels are used to house the sanding drum to ensure a secure fitment and it doesn't fly off.

    How do backing pads work with mandrels?

    A backing pad attaches to a power tool in one of two simple ways. The first type uses a shaft or mandrel built into the body of the pad – this design is suitable for tools with a chuck, like hand drills. In the second type, used for tools with a spindle such as an angle grinder, the backing pad fits directly onto the tool's spindle, which locks both the disc and pad securely in place. Backing pads of this type are usually made of very sturdy aluminium and are generally used for heavy-duty sanding.

    Types of backing pads

    A backing pad can come in a variety of different sizes corresponding to standard disc sizes. Additional features like cooling vents are sometimes added to more complex power tools to protect the disc from overheating and extend the tool's lifespan in general. It's worth investing in the correct backing pad for your job, as buying the wrong pad can result in reduced performance and lifetime. RS offers an extensive range of backing pads and mandrels from 3M, Bosch and our own brand RS PRO.

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