Dust Extractors

Dust extractors are used to eliminate dust and improve the quality of the air when working with power tools, leaving the area clean and dust particles free. Dust extraction systems are used mainly to improve safety by giving a clearer line of sight and protect tools and other equipment by filtering the air. Otherwise, dusty air could be sucked into the machine, causing serious damage to the equipment.

What types of dust extractors are available?

Extractors are available as small portable devices or professional, vacuum cleaner look-alike machines. Dust Extractors are classified into three main groups and classes:

  • L Class - Dust Extractors ideal for softwoods and solid surface materials.

  • M Class - Dust Extractors for concrete and brick dust, hardwoods and board materials.

  • H Class - Dust Extractors that cover the widest spectrum of contamination including germs and bacteria, mould, asbestos, highly carcinogenic dust.

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Omschrijving Prijs Corded/Cordless Extraction Rate Hose Length Capacity Voltage
RS-stocknr. 178-0103
632,16 €
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Cordless - 2.5m 8 L 36V
RS-stocknr. 205-2396
103,40 €
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Cordless 350l/min - - 18V