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    Hole Saws & Core Drill Bits

    Hole saw and core drill bits are great for creating holes bigger than standard drill bits. Used across many applications and materials, hole saws are able to more rapidly cut large holes as there is less material that needs to be removed.

    What is a Hole Saw?

    Hole saws are typically made up of 3 parts, an arbor, a central drill bit and the hole saw cylinder itself. An arbor or mandrill is the main body attachment that is used with a hole saw to secure it to the centre drill bit as well as to the drill itself. The arbor shaft is fixed into the chuck of the drill and the hole saw is attached to the arbor typically by being screwed on.

    The centre of the arbor typically has a central hole to receive a drill bit that is fixed into place via a grub screw. This drill bit is used to create a small, central pilot-style hole that allows the user to keep the drill steady when the hole saw cylinder starts to cut. Due to the way a hole saw cuts, without the central drill, it is very difficult to keep the drill steady and work safely.

    Alternatively, if the hole saw is being used in a fixed drill such as a pillar drill where both the drill and the workpiece are in fixed positions, the central drill bit may not be necessary.

    Where can I use a Hole Saw?

    Hole saws and core drill bits are the ideal solution in a wide range of applications. Whether in a professional workshop, on a busy job site or just for the average DIY'er, hole saws provide a tool that is invaluable.

    Different saws and bits are suitable for different materials so always ensure the hole saw or core drill you have is suitable for the material you are working with but with suitable options for wood, metal, masonry, plastic and so many more, there is always an option available.

    Some hole saws and core drill bits even include a built-in central spring to push any material out that has been cut to aid you in both ease of working and huge time-saving. Always ensure your hole saw or core drill is free from any previously cut material to work in the safest way possible.

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