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    Hydraulic Suction Strainers

    Hydraulic suction strainers are used to remove large particles and unwanted contaminants from hydraulic fluids. This is necessary to protect the downstream equipment (such as pumps or specialised filters) from damaging particles. Hydraulic suction strainers are usually placed at the pump inlets as first-defence mechanisms to catch and suck away debris by closing the inlets of the filters.

    What are hydraulic suction strainers used for?

    Hydraulic suction strainers can be used as in-tank filters to protect pumps and other components in hydraulic systems. They're directly attached to the reservoirs. Purolator suction strainers are used for more robust debris or coarse contaminants like screws, metal chips and rags. They're typically found in the hydraulic pumps of textile and automotive component industries.

    Types of hydraulic suction strainers

    These strainers are categorised by mesh size, thread diameter and bypass valve type. Specialist strainers include:

    • In-tank options that are directly installed into the suction line of pumps below the minimum fluid level of the reservoir.
    • Magnetic strainers that are used to catch all sizes of ferrous metals that can destroy the pumps. These are often seen in the mineral processing and mining industries.
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