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    Hydraulic Oil Coolers

    Hydraulic oil coolers are used to cool the oil within the hydraulic system. It is important to maintain the correct temperature as this keeps the oil at the correct viscosity. The continuous flow of fluid through the system and the friction between system components increase the heat of the fluid, thus then can cause problems like the risk of cavitation and internal leakages and reducing the lifespan of the system. Hydraulic fluid will generate heat when in a mechanical system. Hydraulic oil temperatures above 180°F damage most seal compounds and accelerate the degradation of the oil.

    What are hydraulic oil coolers used for?

    • Maintaining the correct temperature of the oil keeping the correct viscosity
    • Keeping the temperature down ensures that other components will last longer
    • Stable filtering and cooling


    • Construction Machinery
    • Hydraulic Lifts
    • Mobile Cranes
    • Agricultural Machinery
    • injection Moulding Equipment
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