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    Office Dividers & Protective Screens

    A range of office dividers and protective screens for either dividing a workspace or for providing a barrier against germs.

    Office Dividers

    Office dividers or office screens are large panels used for dividing up and creating designated areas in an open plan office allowing employees to have a private space in which to work and think. Some office dividers incorporate a white board for presentations or a pin board on which to attach notes.

    Protective screens

    Protective screens also referred to as sneeze guards or cough guards are panels that act as a protective barrier against germs. Transparent protective screens are used in shops and offices at points where there is face to face contact and the risk of contamination from micro-droplets which are dispensed when people cough, sneeze and talk is high. Solid protective screens can be used as a barrier to facilitate social distancing between people and are sometimes referred to as social distancing screens. By using protective screens businesses can carry on working and offer a service in a safe environment.

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