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    Floodlight Accessories

    Floodlights, like other kinds of light fittingsuse high intensity lamps to illuminate large areas. They will often use fluorescent bulbs and halogen bulbs but are now commonly available as LED (light emitting diode) floodlights, as technology has advanced in this area.

    Floodlight accessories include extension poles, tripods and brackets as a means of securing the floodlight. These either facilitate free standing use or the attaching of a floodlight to a wall. Some floodlight accessories such as chargers, switches and motion sensors also provide a means of turning the floodlight on and off.

    What are floodlight accessories used for?

    Floodlights are typically found in sports stadiums, theatres, searchlights on vehicles, building sites and for security. PIR (passive infrared) sensors allow the light to be turned on when movement is detected. This makes them an invaluable accessory for use as security lighting.

    Types of floodlight accessories

    • Chargers are used to recharge flood lights which operate from a battery.
    • The most common floodlight accessories include extension poles and tripods.
    • Mounting brackets of various styles makes it easy to install floodlights where they are needed.
    • Switches and motion sensors control how the floodlight is turned on and off.
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