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    Rethreading Screwdrivers

    In the world of tooling, threads are the indents on screws, bolts, and rods, as well as their corresponding nuts or insertion holes. Threads can be external or internal, and this also determines their gender. Male threads are the external threads seen on screws and bolts, whereas female threads are the internal threads in nuts and holes.

    What are rethreading tools and what do they do?

    Rethreading tools, also known as thread restorers, appear like screwdrivers but have a section of male threads instead of a tip that fits into the head of a screw. This allows them to repair corresponding female threads that may have become damaged over time, ensuring that the male thread of the screw, nut or bolt will correctly interlock. Rethreading is also a great cleaning solution, as these tools will also collect any debris or dirt trapped in the threads, allowing it to be removed.

    Rethreading tools are available in a range of sizes replicate the many sizes of screws, bolts and nuts that may be inserted into the female counterpart.

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