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    Knife Blades

    Knife blades are most commonly used with a knife handle but can also be used independently, depending on the application. Knife blades are used for cutting various materials, including paper and card, plasterboard, foam, plastic piping, hoses and sheet materials. Typically made from stainless or carbon steel, knife blades are strong and snap resistant during use and should be stored in a clean, dry condition to prevent rust or dulling of the blade.

    Types of Knife Blades

    The type of knife blade you will need depends on the work that you are using it for. For example, hooked blades are perfect for cutting through sheet materials such as floor coverings and plastic sheeting, whereas cutter blades can be used for cutting through plastic tubing and hoses.

    Retractable blades are commonly used with utility knife handles so that the sharp blade can easily be concealed when not in use but can just as easily be exposed when required. Depending on the knife handle you are using, our knife blades can be used as high-performance static blades or can be used with a retractable knife handle.

    Whether you are looking for replaceable blades for your most-used tools or need to find a new blade that meets the requirements for a new application, RS can help you to find what you need. Our range of blades includes safety and trimming knife blades, cutter blades and scalpel blades and are all packaged securely for safe delivery.

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