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    Resettable Fuses

    Resettable surface fuses are a reusable type of circuit protection device that is utilised in a wide range of applications. Resettable fuses trip when the current gets too high but will function again when conditions return to an acceptable level.

    Types of resettable fuses

    There are a variety of resettable fuses to choose from, depending on the type of application required. Some of the most common types of resettable fuses include:

    SMD (surface mount) resettable fuses – These form part of the circuit on a PCB (printed circuit board), allowing electrical current to flow through them. When a fault such as overcurrent is detected in the circuit, they are tripped, forcing a break in the circuit which prevents electricity from continuing to flow. This prevents any damage to the circuit or attached devices. Unlike non-resettable surface mount fuses, they can be used over and over, as they will reconnect the circuit when conditions return to normal.

    Wire Ended – These resettable fuses are suitable for use with a range of electrical equipment including automotive, security systems and telecommunications. They offer protection of electrical and electronic circuits against excessive currents. These resettable fuses are maintenance free and can automatically reset themselves. Wire ended resettable fuses are also available in leaded PCB mount varieties.

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