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    Fuse Holder Accessories

    Fuse holder accessories are all the component and additional parts used in the construction of fuse holders. Fuses are a device used for circuit protection, by providing a weak link in the circuit, and breaking when an overcurrent or short circuit occurs. They can be removed from the fuse holder after the fuse has blown, and replaced with a new one.

    What are fuse holders used for?

    Fuse holders provide a housing for fuses within a circuit. The metal contacts on the fuse holder connect to the metal caps on the fuse, allowing current to flow through them. When a fault is detected, the fuse will blow, preventing further damage to the circuit or attached devices.

    Types of fuse holder accessories

    Different fuse holders are designed to be used with different types of fuses. There are a wide range of fuse holder accessories available, but some common types include:

    • Assembly accessories, which can assist in setting up the fuse holder
    • Mounting accessories, allowing the fuse holder to be attached
    • Caps and covers
    • Adapters
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