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    A Busbar is a clever bit of kit used to make complex power distribution easier, less expensive, and more flexible. Electrical busbars come in various forms such as solid bars, flat strips, or insulated combs. They are typically made from copper, brass, or aluminium. The primary function of a busbar is to carry electrical power from incoming feeders and to distribute it safely and efficiently to the outgoing feeders. Here, at RS we have a comprehensive range of Busbars supplied to you from industry-leading brands including Schneider Electric, Siemens, ABB, Eaton, and Legrand.

    What are the different types of busbar?

    As mentioned before busbars are used to distribute electrical power from incoming feed and distribute it to other devices. Think of them as an electrical junction where incoming and outgoing currents exchange. The type and size of your busbar would depend on where it is used.

    • Copper Busbars: This type of busbar is generally used for high-current applications due to its excellent electrical conductivity. Typically found inside industrial switchgear and control panels, busway enclosures and larger panel boards. They can also be used to connect high-voltage equipment.
    • Aluminium Busbars: Aluminium busbars are an alternative to copper busbars, offering lower cost and lighter weight. They are often used in applications where weight reduction is critical, such as in large-scale power transmission systems.
    • Flexible Busbars: These busbars are made of multiple thin copper strips or braided conductors, allowing them to bend and flex. They are used in applications where movement or vibration is present, such as in electric vehicles or machinery.
    • Insulated Busbars: Insulated busbars have an insulating material covering or coating, such as PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) or epoxy, to provide electrical insulation and protect against accidental contact. They are commonly used in switchgear and panel boards.
    • Comb Busbars: This type of busbar is one of the most basic types of connecting busbar. Comb busbars are usually found in small distribution boards and switchgear panels used to distribute power to devices such as MCBs. They are also very useful in reducing the number of wiring connections.
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