Using wipes as part of your everyday clean-up process is not only good practice but essential. Wipes can be used wet or dry to soak up spills, hygienically clean, disinfect and sanitise surfaces. Wet wipes are often impregnated with additional agents in>cluding IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) disinfectants or other cleaning substances. RS Components offer an extensive range of standard and speciality wipes from leading brands including Kimberley Clark, Chemtronics, 3M, Ambersil, PAL and of course RS PRO.

What are the different types of wipe?

They come in a vast array of different types to suit every eventuality. Depending on what you want to clean, disinfect or sanitise it is crucial you select the right one. Using the wrong type could damage surfaces or sensitive equipment. Our wipes are available in the following categories:

  • Germ and infection control - Antibacterial wipes, disinfectant wipes, patient wipes, medical and alcohol wipes
  • Equipment cleaning – Screen wipes, phone wipes, dust wipes, glass wipes and electronics wipes.
  • General-purpose use – Multi-surface wipes, wet wipes, hand and face wipes

Why would you use wipes?

Wipes not only clean surfaces they can also help to kill germs after cleaning. Cleaning will remove dirt, grime, germs and impurities from a surface. Disinfecting will kill bacteria and germs on a surface after cleaning.

Package types

We supply our antibacterial, sanitising and cleaning wipes in easy to access packages such as sachets, packs, tubes, boxes, tubs and buckets.

Applications and the environment

They can be used in almost every industrial, commercial and domestic application or environment from hospitals, to schools, offices and homes. Wipes will be disposable, but it is always good to make sure they are disposed of in the proper way. Always read the packaging for advice.

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Omschrijving Prijs Trade Name Application Package Type Wipe Type Number of Wipes per Pack Colour Wiper Size Wet/Dry Repeat/Single Use Ply
RS-stocknr. 721-5381
FabrikantnummerDSI 4000HCW
FabrikantMykal Industries
24,10 €
Aantal stuks
- Hand Cleaning Bucket Hand Wipes 150 White 250 x 300mm Wet Single Use -
RS-stocknr. 325-2046
FabrikantMykal Industries
29,08 €
Aantal stuks
- Hand Cleaning Tub Hand Wipes 100 White - Wet Single Use -
RS-stocknr. 388-3763
FabrikantMykal Industries
25,86 €
Aantal stuks
DSI 5000 Electrical Cable Cleaning Tub - 150 White 250 x 300mm Wet Single Use -
RS-stocknr. 918-1426
FabrikantMykal Industries
12,96 €
Aantal stuks
MULTI TASK General Cleaning Dispenser Box Wet Wipes 100 White - Wet Single Use -
RS-stocknr. 388-3820
FabrikantMykal Industries
9,76 €
Aantal stuks
- Hand Cleaning Tub Hand Wipes 30 White - Wet Single Use -
RS-stocknr. 325-2024
FabrikantMykal Industries
29,38 €
Aantal stuks
- Plastic, Rubber Tub Anti-Static Wipes 150 White 28 x 28cm Wet Single Use -