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    Paper Towels

    Paper towels, also known as paper hand towels, are a disposable alternative to standard cloth hand towels and are important in maintaining high hygiene standards in all washrooms and industrial environments. Paper towels are available in a range of formats, including rolls and individual sheets, sizes, ply and lengths. Our paper towels include major brands such as Kimberly Clark and Tork, recognised for the quality of their paper towel ranges.

    How do they work?

    Paper towels/paper hand towels are absorbent, soaking up liquid to dry hands or clean spillages and excess. The towels are loosely woven, which allows fluid to travel between the fibres and is absorbed into the towel without damaging its integrity and preventing them from breaking up.

    What are paper towels used for?

    • Drying hands
    • Cleaning up spills
    • Dusting
    • Surface/glass cleaning

    Paper towels can be used with or without a paper towel dispenser. However, it is more economical and environmentally-friendly when hand towels are used with a dispenser as there is more control over the number of hand towels dispensed. This reduces waste and prevents paper towels being used excessively. It is also more hygienic, as unused towels will remain dry until they are dispensed.

    What does "ply" mean?

    Ply is the thickness of the paper towel and refers to the number of paper layers, per sheet, that make up the towel.

    Is there a difference between folded and rolled paper towels?

    Folded/interleaved towels are individual towels supplied in a pack. Each paper hand towel is individually folded. Folded towels are used in suitable paper hand towel dispensers and are considered economical as they are typically dispensed only one hand towel at a time.

    Rolled Towels/paper towel roll is a roll of paper which can be perforated for easy separation from the roll. Paper towels supplied in a roll can also be used with suitable dispensers.

    Various colours of paper towels are available. Standard paper hand towel colours produced are blue, green and white.

    Paper towels are available in various pack sizes, from the number of sheets, sheet size, sheet length and width per pack or per paper roll. It is important to ensure the paper towels fit your existing dispensers.

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