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    Rust Treatments

    When working with metals and metallic surfaces or structures, the potential risk of rust and corrosion is always in consideration as it can pose a danger to the integrity and aesthetic of your project. At RS, we carry a wide range of professional rust prevention and removal products designed to protect and restore your project, including rust and corrosion inhibitors and galvanising paints. Our curated range features specialist products from industry-leading brands, such as Ambersil, CRC Industries, Cortec, Hammerite, Jenolite, Rocol and RS PRO.

    What are rust inhibitors?

    Designed to slow down the oxidisation process and corrosion rate that causes damage in metals, rust and corrosion inhibitors provide protective coatings that are impenetrable by the corrosive substances (liquid or gas) that may affect the metal product. Due to the damage rust can cause if left unnoticed or untreated, it is clear that rust and corrosion inhibitors - or anti-rust and anti-corrosion sprays - are essential products for metal maintenance. Whether it's tool maintenance, protection for automobile parts, or elemental protection for outdoor locks and hinges, rust inhibitors create a protective barrier where you need it most to help prevent rust from forming.

    Where are rust inhibitors used?

    Rust and corrosion inhibitors can be found in any industry that uses or produces metal surfaces, products or tools, from locks and hinges up to protecting marine and automotive equipment. Rust and corrosion inhibitors can also be used as a primer before applying paint to metal surfaces, providing a smooth, even surface to ensure a uniform finish. The RS range of rust inhibitors are specially formulated for a range of specialist applications, including:

    • Injection Mould Tooling
    • Bearings
    • Coupling
    • Electrical Equipment
    • Lathe Centres

    What forms are rust and corrosion inhibitors available in?

    • Aerosols: sprays and aerosols provide fantastic coverage and are ideal for treating hard to reach parts of metal objects. Straws can be combined with nozzles to direct the spray into nooks and crannies such as keyholes, preventing wastage and ensuring protection is given where it is needed.
    • Cans, Bottles and Tubs: for generous and even application, a can, bottle or even tub of rust inhibitor may be a better option for anti-rust treatment than an aerosol spray.
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