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    Hand Held Enclosures

    Hand Held Enclosures are devices that are available in all shapes and sizes and are protective cases for controllers and electronic instruments. Used for simple mobile controls, data recording, control and instrumentation as well as heavy-duty electronics, the ergonomic designs are practical and comfortable to hold. Made from various material the range is available different lengths suiting a wide range of assemblies including PCBs.

    Our range of enclosures allows you to choose from Hand Held Enclosures with or without keypad recesses, push buttons, membrane keypads, display windows and integral battery compartments.

    Features and benefits of Hand Held Enclosures

    Designed to mount digital or analogue LCD display modules, hand-held enclosures can have an acrylic window that protects the display. Various connection and plug points are available plus some models have a tilt foot allowing desktop operation. An example of some features and benefits include

    • Ergonomic design.
    • Battery compartments for C, AA and 9 V cells.
    • Snap-in battery compartment lids.
    • Easy battery replacement.
    • Internal screw pillars for PCB mounting.
    • Made from – ABS, Aluminium, zinc, PC, PP, PS and polyamide.
    • Industry standards and certification.
    • Various colours and sizes.
    • Enclosure connection points.
    • Excellent for use with wireless communication.
    • Indoor and outdoor use

    What are Hand Held Enclosures used for?

    Handheld enclosures can be used for mounting digital and analogue instruments. They are ideal for housing measuring and control technology such as continuity checkers, voltmeters, field intensity meters, digital thermometers and flow meters.

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