Fibre Optic Connector Accessories

Fibre optic accessories are products used during the installation and operation of fibre optic cables and systems. They include splicers, gaskets, sealing covers, protection caps, connector holders and panel frames.

What are fibre optic accessories used for?

Fibre optic accessories are used in conjunction with fibre optic kits for fibre optic installation activities in plant management, process control and automation facilities.

These accessories are also used when fibre optic cables are installed in residential and urban areas. Special fibre optic accessories are used in the fitting of aerial optical ground wires or cross-linked polyurethane cabling.

Types of fibre optic accessories

The following products are the main accessory types used in fibre optic cabling:

  • Splicer accessories for the joining of fibre optic cables, which include protection joint covers, splicer tubes and blades
  • Cover accessories to protect cables during the fitting process, including dust caps, pulling caps, gaskets and optical covers.
  • Connectivity accessories to connect cables with routers, which include connectivity assemblies, ferrule kits, port inserts and plug connectors

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Panel Mounting Frame 38mm 62.53mm 41.96mm VS-PPC-F1-SCRJ-MNNA-1C-F Push/Pull Interlocking, Round Mounting Cutout -
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