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    Ceramic Beads

    Ceramic beads, also referred to as ceramic interlocking fish spine beads, are versatile components ideal for high temperature and electrical insulation applications. Ceramic beads are available in a wide range of bore sizes and density, to suit various types of applications.

    Why use ceramic beads?

    Abrasion resistant ceramic beads are ideal for use when you want to protect wires from heat, but still want the flexibility to shape the position of the wire. The interlocking fish spine design allows them to be easily connected and shaped, making them highly versatile.

    Where to use ceramic beads

    Interlocking ceramic beads are used a variety of applications, particularly where continuous electrical insulation is required. Common applications include:

    • In air or vacuum systems
    • Shielded coaxial vacuum cabling
    • Where a wire needs to run past a heatsink
    • 3D printers
    • Projects needing intricate layout patterns
    • Insulating of a curved wire or electrode
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