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    Adhesives, Sealants & Tapes

    Adhesive or glue is any substance that can be applied to one or two surfaces or two items to bind or seal them together and resists their separation. Adhesive consists of different chemical compositions such as acrylic adhesive, epoxy adhesive, silicone adhesives and rubber and contact adhesives.

    What is Adhesive Used For?

    Adhesives are used whenever two or more surfaces need to be affixed to one another and are used in the home, workplace for repair and manufacturing. Branded adhesives or glues like Loctite and Super Glue with fast drying and strong adhesion properties are often used to fix broken items in the home. Adhesives can be in a solution or solid form such as Hot Melt glue which is dispensed using a Hot Melt applicator gun.

    Adhesive can also be used on surfaces as a protective coating against contaminants, corrosion and rust. Potting compounds are used to encapsulate electronic components for protection against environmental and mechanical damage.

    What are Sealants?

    Sealants are similar to adhesives but their main purpose is to provide a barrier or fill a void in order to protect against the flow of fluid, gas or air. Sealants can be in liquid, semi-solid or foam form and consist of a single chemical or two chemicals which have to be mixed together. When sealants are applied they undergo a process of hardening called curing.

    What is a Sealant Used For?

    Sealants are used to provide a barrier against the flow of liquid, gas or air on porous surfaces and in both small and large cavities. Some sealants are designed work with specific materials. Silicone sealants can be used with a wide range of different materials. Plumbers putties are used in plumbing to seal pipe points. Foam sealant is injected into larger spaces using an applicator or gun with a nozzle, the foam then expands to fill the entire cavity.

    What Are Adhesive Tapes?

    Adhesive tapes comprise of a carrier made from paper, plastic, cloth or foam backed with an adhesive film. Some tapes are double sided with adhesive on both sides. Tapes can be loaded on to tape dispensers for quick and accurate application.

    What is Adhesive Tape Used For?

    Adhesive tape is used to join parts together using a sticky chemical bond. Office tape, foam tape and duct tape is often used in the home and workplace. Decorators use masking tape to protect surfaces from paint. Plumbers use PTFE tape for sealing pipe threads and electricians use insulation tape to cover wires and cables.