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    Adhesive, Sealant & Tape Dispensers

    We offer a range of adhesive dispensers, sealant guns and tape dispensers, including applicator kits, dispenser needles and mixer nozzles. Our broad range of solutions from brands such as Loctite, RS PRO, Kahnetics, Metcal and Henkel are sure to fulfil all of your needs.

    What are Adhesive and Sealant Dispensers used for?

    Adhesive dispensers ensure a controlled application of adhesives such as glues, silicones and pastes, which are used to bond solids together. There are various dispensers and accessories available depending on the application and whether it’s to dispense only or mix and dispense. These take the form of syringe guns, squeeze bottles, pump dispensers, dispenser needles, syringes and mixer nozzles. Brands include RS PRO, Electrolube, Molex, Kahnetics, 3M and Araldite.Sealant dispensers, also known as caulking guns, deliver a measure of sealant in a smooth line or are used for filling gaps or cracks. They normally hold a tube or cartridge of sealant material. Brands of sealant dispensers available include ACC Silicones, Geocel, Henkel and RS PRO.Tape dispensers are available in many sizes depending on whether you’re looking to tape up a parcel in a packing area or for use as a handy desktop sealer. Tape widths can vary from 50mm to 96mm. The packing tape dispensers work by applying pressure-sensitive tape to the package and are fast and effective. The smaller desktop dispensers use office tape and generally have a non-slip rubber base, while the bench tape dispensers are a more robust metal version with a blade protection cap. Choose from brands 3M, Rapesco, RS PRO, Tesa and Vermason.

    Accessories for Adhesive Dispensers

    Accessories available include:Adhesive Dispenser Needles - mainly used in industrial applications and come in different tip sizes manufactured in stainless steel or plastic. Different tips are designed for different applications, such as tapered tips to help prevent obstructions and increase flow rates to brush tips to use on larger surface areas.Epoxy Mixer Nozzles - for use with epoxy guns and mixing two or more adhesives together.Syringes - uses a plunger to draw the fluid up and dispense accordingly.