Stanley 600mm Spirit Level

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Stanley FatMax® Spirit Level with 3 vials

Professional FatMax® I beam aluminium frame spirit levels are used for precision levelling measurement in a number of different jobs. There are a variety of spirit levels to choose from, the most popular is the i-beam level which gets its name due to the ’i’ shape when looking at its end.

The sturdy aluminium body ensures this handheld level is easy to use and is a simple way to maintain accuracy on the job. The vials have been magnified by 20% for better visibility. This hand tool features a box beam construction which is stronger than other spirit levels. These levels are ideal for use by carpenters, bricklayers and general worksite applications.

Spirit levels use a liquid filled vial with an air bubble inside to indicate how level or perpendicular a surface is. Guides on the vial indicate when the bubble is centred showing the user that it is level.

Range includes the following levels with different length sizes:
7769800 – 1200mm
7769804 – 1800mm
7769807 – 600mm

Features and Benefits:

Material – lightweight aluminium frame
Number of vials - 3
Accuracy - ±0.5 mm/m
Dual machined levelling surfaces for maximum accuracy
Bi-material hand grips are screwed into the frame
Rare earth magnets are built into the level for stability
Horizontal and vertical (pumb) level
Highly accurate design
Shock absorbing end caps – for increased durability and protection
Magnified vials - easy to read

Typical Applications:

Spirit levels and inclinometers are tools designed for precision levelling measurement in a multitude of jobs, from something as simple as putting a shelf up, making sure it does not slope, to checking how level bricks are in a new wall. They are commonly used by
• Carpenters
• Stonemasons
• Bricklayers
• Surveyors
• DIY Enthusiasts

Why so some spirit levels have more than one vial?

This level has three vials, this system means that the one vial is used on horizontal level work and the two at either end are for vertical levelling work.

Kenmerk Waarde
Level Type I-Beam
Length 600mm
Frame Material Aluminium
Number of Vials 3
Accuracy ±0.5 mm/m, 1 mm/m
tijdelijk niet op voorraad – nieuwe voorraad verwacht op 20/10/2020, met een levertijd van 2 à 3 werkdagen.
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