3M 4255 Half Mask Respirator

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3M™ Maintenance Free Half Mask Respirator 4255

Part of the 4000 series the 3M 4255 reusable half face respirator mask helps to provide protection against hazardous particles, gases and vapours when used with an integrated cartridge and filters. 3M are one of the best to ensure you uphold your safety and health.


The 4255 respirator mask features integrated filters, which then enables the field of view to be undisturbed when being used. An adjustable head cradle helps fit a large variety of head sizes, with neck straps for a more secure fitting. An exhalation valve that helps to direct exhaled breath and moisture downwards to avoid fogging up glasses or face shields.


An Integrated cartridge and filters offer convenience, protecting against many gases, vapours and combination particle hazards. With two large inhalation valves that allow for reduced breathing resistance, and the simply use until your change out schedule indicates a replacement. The half face mask is made with a strong body construction and stable silicone face seal, which when secured it provides a leak free seal. The 4255 (FFA2P3 R D) has a protection against organic vapours and hazardous particles. Vapours up to 10 x Threshold Limit Value (TLV) or 5000 ppm, whichever is lower and 50 x TLV for particulates.

Features and Benefits

Ready-to-use half mask designed for effective and comfortable protection against organic vapour and particulate hazards
Respirators can be used until damaged, particulate filters clog, gas filters become saturated or after one month
Exhalation valve centrally positioned for effective removal of heat and moisture
Low profile design for better peripheral vision
Adjustable head cradle and easy to fasten neck straps
Soft, non-allergenic material with textured face seal
Lightweight, well balanced design

Typical Applications

Industrial Maintenance


Respirators allows for a higher filtration efficiency and better fit than standard face masks. All respirators must be approved by CE/NIOSH with an assigned approval code on each respirator if you’re unsure about a respirator or a standard face mask.

What is a NIOSH Approved Respirator?

The NIOSH regulates the manufacture and testing of respirators, along with cartridges, filters and supplied air systems.


Meets the requirements of EN 405:2001 FFA2P3. Suitable for use under COSHH, CAW, CLAW and IRR

Organic Vapour/Particulate Respirator 4255

This respirator provides protection against organic vapours (boiling above 65°C) up to 10 times the Occupational Exposure Limit (OEL) or 5000 parts per million (ppm), whichever is the lower APF. It also offers protection against fine particulates at concentrations up to 10 times OEL APF.,For use in a wide range of applications including vehicle manufacture, boat building, chemical manufacturing and anywhere that paints are used (not suitable for 2 pack isocyanate based paint). The single piece, ergonomically designed construction means the respirator is light in weight yet offers improved peripheral vision and greater compatibility with other safety equipment.

Parabolic exhalation valve reduces breathing resistance and prevents heat build-up Four-point strap adjustment
Fully adjustable head cradle
Facepiece constructed from non-allergenic compound
Maintenance free and exempt from maintenance requirements of COSHH, if disposed of within one month

Kenmerk Waarde
Type Half Mask
Size One Size
Hypoallergenic No
Series 4000
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