KANE450-201 KIT/RS Flue Gas Analyser

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  • Fabrikantnummer KANE450 KIT/RS
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KANE Gas Analyser

The Kane 450-201 flue gas analyser has an easy-to-use rotary switch and includes all the features expected from a top-of-the-range analyser. Any four parameters can be displayed simultaneously. The high accuracy and stability of its pressure readings allow difficult tasks such as measuring flue draught and checking the air\fuel ratio valve on high-efficiency boilers to be performed with confidence. It is fitted with a 0 to 4,000ppm CO sensor and is suitable for commercial and domestic boilers.
Supplied with:
Protective rubber sleeve with a magnet, flue probe, rechargeable batteries, 220V charger, infrared printer, pressure connectors and carry case.

Features and Benefits

Four line backlit display controlled by a rotary switch
Measures O2, CO, temperature and pressure
Extra protection and hands-free operation
Optional Bluetooth upgrade
Quick start feature for temperature and pressure readings
High accuracy differential manometer
Differential thermometer for flow/return/ΔT
Hold, store and auto-store readings
Reports include combustion test, tightness test, CO build-up and differential temperature
Infrared output to a thermal paper printer
Connection for optional gas leak detector
Designed to meet BS7927, EN 50379 and BS7967
Battery life typically is 12+ hours from full charge
Large display with backlight
Carbon monoxide resolution is 1ppm
Carbon dioxide resolution is 0.1%
Oxygen level resolution is 0.1%
Gas pressure resolution is 0.01mbar, 0.1Pa, 1Pa
Temperature measurement resolution is 1°C
Temperature sensor is Type-K
Pre-programmed fuels are butane, light oil, LPG, natural gas, propane
Maximum oxygen level is 21%
Maximum gas pressure is 20mbar, 80mbar, 100mbar, 2000mbar
Minimum gas pressure is -2000mbar, -100mbar, -80mbar, -20mbar
Minimum oxygen level is 0%
Battery life of 12 hours


Installation, commissioning & service of domestic & commercial oil, gas biomass appliances
Safety checks CO in a room or around an appliance
Combustion performance checks
Combustion efficiency checks
Flue Draught


EN 50379

Kenmerk Waarde
Gases Detected Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Oxygen
Best Carbon Monoxide Accuracy ±10ppm
Carbon Monoxide Resolution 1ppm
Best Carbon Dioxide Accuracy ±0.3%
Carbon Dioxide Resolution 0.1%
Best Oxygen Level Accuracy ±0.2%
Oxygen Level Resolution 0.1%
Best Gas Pressure Accuracy ±0.5Pa
Gas Pressure Resolution 0.01 mbar, 0.1 Pa, 1 Pa
Best Temperature Measurement Accuracy ±1 °C
Temperature Measurement Resolution 1°C
Temperature Sensor Type K
Pre-Programmed Fuel Type Butane, Light Oil, LPG, Natural Gas, Propane
Battery Type AA x 4
Display Type LCD
Minimum Oxygen Level 0%
Minimum Carbon Dioxide Level 0%
Power Source Battery
Minimum Carbon Monoxide Level 0ppm
Maximum Carbon Dioxide Level 30%
Maximum Carbon Monoxide Level 4000ppm
Dimensions 200 x 45 x 90mm
Minimum Gas Pressure -2000 mbar, -100 mbar, -80 mbar, -20 mbar
Maximum Gas Pressure +20 mbar, +80 mbar, +100 mbar, +2000 mbar
Width 45mm
Length 200mm
Maximum Operating Temperature +40°C
Weight 770g
Battery Life 12 h
Maximum Oxygen Level 21%
Minimum Operating Temperature 0°C
Height 90mm
Model Number p KANE450 KIT
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