Gems Sensors RotorFlow Electronic Flow Sensor, 15 L/min → 75 L/min, RFO Series

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Gems Sensors Flow Sensor

The Gems Sensors RFO series rotor flow electronic sensor sense a liquid flow rate of 15L/min to 75L/min. The sensors popularised the rotor flow paddle wheel design by combining high visibility rotors with solid-state electronics packaged into a compact, panel mount housings. It provides an accurate flow rate output with an integral visual confirmation and an unprecedented price/ performance ratio. The output signal for RFO is an on/off the pulse of the DC voltage supplied to the unit, it is compatible with all digital logic families. The frequency of the output pulse is proportional to the flow rate and ranges from approximately 20Hz to 190Hz.

Features and Benefits

Pipe diameter range is 1/2in
Accurate flow rate indication with integral visual confirmation
It is available in brass body material
The pulsed output is 4.5VDC to 24VDC
Connection type is 1/2 BSP female
Maximum operating pressure is 13.8bar
Maximum operating temperature is 100°C


Water purification/dispensing systems
Chemical metering equipment
Lasers and welders
Water injection systems
Semiconductor processing equipment
Chillers and heat exchangers


CE certified
cRUus certified

Kenmerk Waarde
Media Monitored Liquid
Device Type RotorFlow Electronic
Minimum Flow Rate 15 L/min
Maximum Flow Rate 75 L/min
Supply Voltage 4.5 → 24 V dc
Pipe Diameter Range 1/2 in
Connection Type 1/2 BSP Female
Maximum Pressure 13.8bar
Material Brass
Minimum Media Temperature -29 °C
Maximum Media Temperature +100°C
Minimum Operating Temperature -29°C
Maximum Operating Temperature +100°C
Series RFO
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