Seeit INFINITY-UNLIMITE INFINITY-UNLIMITE, Smart Card Programmer for AVR Series Microcontrollers, PIC Series

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  • Fabrikantnummer INFINITY-UNLIMITE
  • Fabrikant Seeit
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INFINITY-UNLIMITE, Universal and Evolutional Smartcard Programmer on USB

The Infinity-USB-Unlimited is an evolutional smartcard programmer supported by the full-speed USB 2.0. It is equipped with two ISO7816 and Micro-SIM connectors allowing it to accept both smartcard formats. It also enables the user to program all of the most common PIC and ATMEL microcontroller based smartcards and high security cards such as Titanium, Platinum, Knot, OPOS, etc. Its USB interface also emulates the serial Phoenix and Smartmouse modes to program smartcards based on the Phoenix mode. The Flash microcontroller which runs this programmer can be automatically updated while the software is loading. A development kit with example programs in different languages is also delivered with the product allowing the user to develop smartcard applications by him/her. Moreover, the oscillator frequency can be programmed from 0.1MHz to 100MHz including 3.58MHz and 6.00MHz frequencies. This programmer supports smartcards in 3.3V-5V and operates under Windows 98/2000/ME/XP/Vista/Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit).


Software to program smartcards
Software to edit mobile phone SIM cards
Software to use the programmer as an access key to a computer
Connection on USB port
Operates with Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)

Kit Contents

Smartcard Programmer
USB cable
CD-ROM software

List of Supported Cards

Wafercard (16C84, 16F84, 16F84A)
Goldcard (16F84/16F84A + 24C16)
Silvercard (16F876/16F877 + 24C64)
Greencard (16F876/16F877 + 24C128)
Greencard2 (16F876/16F877 + 24C256)
Bluecard (16F84A + 24C64)
Emeraldcard (16F628 + 24C64)
Canarycard (16F628 + 24C16)
Singlepic (16F876, 16F627, 16F628).
Jupitercard (AT90S2343 + 24C16)
Jupitercard2 (AT90S8535 + 24C64)
Funcard ATmega161 (ATmega161 + 24C64)
Funcard ATmega163 (ATmega163 + 24C256)
BlackCard (ATmega128 + 24C256)
Funcard ATmega8515 (ATmega8515 + 24C256)
Funcard/Funcard2 (AT90S8515 + 24C64)
Funcard3/Prussiancard (AT90S8515 + 24C128)
Funcard4/Prussiancard2 (AT90S8515 + 24C256)
Funcard5/Prussiancard3 (AT90S8515 + 24C512)
Funcard6/Prussiancard4 (AT90S8515 + 24C1024)
Funcard7/Prussiancard5 (AT90S8515 + 2 x 24C1024)
OposCard (AT90SC6464C)
TitaniumCard (AT90SC3232C)
TitaniumCard-2 (AT90SC6464C)
M2Card (AT90SC6464C)
PlatinumCard (AT90SC6464C)
KnotCard (AT90SC6464C)
BasicCard 4.5D (AT90SC3232C)
DragonLoaderCard-PIC (PIC16F84A + 2 x 24C1024)
DragonLoaderCard-AVR (AT90S8515 + 2 x 24C1024)

PC Based Programmers

Kenmerk Waarde
Accessory Type Smart Card Programmer
For Use With AVR Series Microcontrollers, PIC Series
Interface USB 2.0
Memory Type Programmed EEPROM
tijdelijk niet op voorraad – nieuwe voorraad verwacht op 16/03/2020, met een levertijd van 2 à 3 werkdagen.
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