3 Phase Brake Module, 2.2 kW, 380 → 415 V ac

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Injection Brake Modules

These modular electronic units are designed for the smooth braking of 3 phase AC induction motors as used on production and process machinery.
The modules use the principle of injecting a dc. current into the stator windings producing a stationary magnetic field. This stationary field has the effect of retarding the rotor and stopping the drive transmission.
Braking is initiated by external control devices such as push buttons, limit switches, etc. which in turn power up the module and close the ancillary braking contactor (not supplied). For suitable contactors see the Control Gear/Switchgear Section of the Catalogue.
Electronic modules have the following benefits over mechanical equivalents.

Compact size. The modules are suitable for mounting on 35mm symmetrical DIN rail
Easy to retrofit
Fast initiation of braking function on demand (typically within 0.6 seconds)
No maintenance required
Adjustable braking time and braking torque
Self powered from two-phase supply

Applications for injection brakes include:-
Braking of machinery with long run down time due to high inertia loads; circular saws, rolling mills and other process equipment where rapid stopping of plant will increase cycle or retooling time.


These modules are primary for use as production brakes and should not be used in emergency situations.

Supplied with

comprehensive instruction leaflet.

DC Brake Modules

A powerbrake unit is used where fast, efficient and predictable stopping of a machine in the shortest possible time is required. Using the d.c. injection method, it provides a controlled deceleration to a stop, by injecting a d.c. current into two of the motor terminals and neutralising the rotating magnetic field in the motor after the 3 phase supply has been disconnected. This stops the motor coasting to a halt and reduces the delay time by this enforced braking. They can be used with a standard 3 phase induction motor. The unit may be located on a piece of machinery or adjacent to it, with little disruption or modification required to the existing wiring. The Powerbrake units provide a simple cost-effective solution to motor braking, which is maintenance and wear-free.,Brake Module - For a brake unit, all the control wiring has to be supplied and installed by the customer, including interlocked contactors and pushbuttons.,Production Brakes - Enclosed brakes with all control wiring included, optional DOL starter built in Injects DC on EVERY stop.,Critical Brake - Enclosed brake with contactors built in. Must be used with existing starter, also AC must pass through the unit so that it can be isolated before DC is injected. Only injects DC when E-stop activated.

Kenmerk Waarde
Phase 3
Starter Included Yes
Power Rating 2.2 kW
Supply Voltage 380 → 415 V ac
Response Time 0.6 s
Braking Torque Yes
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(excl. BTW)
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