Light Meters

Light meters, sometimes referred to as lux meters, are instruments that measure light intensity or light pollution. Light meters usually return measurements in Lux (in Europe), footcandles (in the US), or both. Typical models are handheld, and feature an integrated sensor, or a sensor connected by a lead.

They are frequently used in workplaces, schools, hospitals and public places to test if there is an appropriate amount of light within the environment. This is particularly pertinent in the workplace, as there is a responsibility that employees do not have too much or too little light.

Budget light meters can help to perform quick checks on light intensity where more advanced models have monitoring functionality as well as the ability to record, store and transfer data.

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Omschrijving Prijs Calibrated Maximum Light Level Minimum Light Level Best Accuracy Resolution Sensor Type Battery Life Battery Type Power Source Weight Features Height Length Maximum Operating Temperature
RS-stocknr. 292-363
Fabrikantnummer0560 0540
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- 99999lx 0lx ±3 % 1 lx, 10 lx - 200 h AAA Battery - - 5in 43mm +122°F