Electronic Component Testing

Electronic component testing is a key part of circuit design and maintenance. It’s especially useful in troubleshooting/verifying for PCBs (printed circuit boards) and prototyping applications. Our leading brands in electronic component testers and accessories include Time Electronic, Ohmite, Cropico, RS PRO, BK Precision, Chauvin Arnoux, and Megger.

What do electronic component testing devices check for?

  • Component and IC testers cover a broad spectrum of testing and verification roles on integrated circuits or ICs.

    • IC testers are often cost-effective, battery-powered portable devices, ideal in field service and production environments

    • Typical features include digital LCD readouts for measuring resistance, capacitance and more (depending on model)

    • Used for testing components such as batteries, LEDs, diodes, transistors and SCRs

  • Decade Boxes use a series of resistors, capacitors or inductors to replicate different electrical values, adjustable in ‘decade’ steps (single digits, tens, and hundreds).

    • This design enables testing for any value from 001-999 ohms, provided the device offers sufficient decade steps

    • Decade boxes are substituted for other components on a circuit during testing and verifying - the box is set to a desired value, then connected to an input device (e.g. transmitter, controller or multimeter) to check the display value of the input device against the set value of the decade box

  • LCR meters measure and test inductance (L), capacitance (C) and resistance (R) of electronic components.

    • LCR meters are sold in both analogue and digital models, depending on the required accuracy

    • Most are used to measure the impedance of a Device Under Test (DUT), and many can report back on parameters including current/voltage phase angle, conductance and susceptance

  • Ohmmeters measure electrical resistance through components.

    • More advanced models can handle very low impedance measurement in a wide range of applications and circuits, including motor coils, PCBs, transformers, conductors and welding point testing

Many of our electronic component testing devices and kits can be augmented with matched accessories such as adapters, smart tweezers, LED testers, blank modules, probe packs, crocodile clips and test lead sets.

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