Foot Switches

Foot switches are a rugged electrical switch that is operated by foot pressure to change contacts within an electrical circuit. Often used on large machinery where hand operated switches are a safety concern.

Operating Mechanism

Foot switches are available in two common operating types:
•Maintained / Latching – This type of foot switch is activated when pressure is applied and remains in the contact position until the switch is pressed again.

•Momentary – This type of foot switch requires the pedal to be compressed continually while in operation, once pressure is removed the contacts reset to the original state.

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RS-stocknr. 136-3213
FabrikantBernstein AG
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- - - Aluminium 10V 10V 20 mA - IP65 - Red 220 x 70 x 60mm Yes -
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- - - Aluminium 10V 10V 20 mA - IP65 - Red 220 x 70 x 60mm - -