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    Safety Tags

    Ladder tags and scaffolding tags are types of safety inspection tags or signs that are attached to equipment to clearly indicate whether it is safe to use and so prevent accidents. The ladder tags act as ladder inspection records and help ensure that ladder inspection procedures and maintenance are kept up to date. Scaffolding tags serve the same purpose. These safety tags also ensure that the equipment conforms to legal regulations. The tags consist of a holder that permanently attaches to the equipment along with write-on inserts that are slotted inside. These tags can be purchased as individual components sold in packs or as ladder tag kits and scaffold tag kits that consist of both holder and inserts.

    Why use Safety Tags?

    Ladder tags and scaffolding tags help manage the identification, safety and maintenance of ladders and scaffolding and help compliance with the WAHR (Work at Height Regulations) 2005 where there is a risk of falling liable to cause personal injury. Ladders and scaffolding all need to be checked daily at regular intervals for wear and tear, faults and damage. This is done as part of a risk assessment programme.

    How Safety Tags Work

    The tag holders are made from robust, weather proof plastic. Ladder tags are attached securely to the ladder while scaffolding tags are fitted at all legal access points, normally ladder access, from the first scaffold build stage and remain on the scaffolding until it is dismantled. The inspection inserts are then slotted inside the holder. Both the holder and the insert have bold coloured designs for high visibility. The insert includes the following information:

    Ladder tags

    • Class of ladder
    • Checklist for pre-use and in-use
    • Inspection period
    • Next inspection due

    Scaffolding Tags

    • Structure scaffolding is being used for
    • Details of scaffolding components
    • Inspectors remarks
    • Decommissioned

    When the ladder or scaffolding has been inspected the inspector signs the insert if the equipment is safe to use. If the ladder or scaffolding is deemed unsafe for use, then the insert is removed which reveals a 'do not use' message' that is printed in red on the holder.

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