Relay Sockets

Relay sockets are a type of accessory used with electromechanical switches. Relay sockets form part of a circuit and are used to mount a relay. They provide the electrical interface between the relay itself and the circuit. A relay is essentially a switch that is electrically rather than mechanically operated, and is often powered by an electromagnet. The relay plugs into the socket's female terminal, and the socket is wired to the broader circuit.

What are relay sockets used for?

Relay sockets are used when you want relays to be easily mounted and replaced within a circuit. They make this process much simpler than if the relay was connected directly to the power source.

Types of relay socket

Relay sockets differ according to the type of relay they are being used with. Different types of relay include latching and non-latching relays, general purpose relays and solid-state relays.

There are also different methods of mounting relay sockets, including panel mounts and flange mounts, and the method of mounting affects the design of the relay socket you need.

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RS-stocknr. 842-3852
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250V C3-A30 Series Relay, C3-E24 Series Relay, C3-G30 Series Relay, C3-M10 Series Relay, C3-N34 Series Relay, C3-R20 Series Relay, C3-T31 Series Relay, C3-X10 Series Relay Socket - - - - - - - -
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- C7-A20 Series Relay, C7-G20 Series Relay, C7-T21 Series Relay, C7-W10 Series Relay, C7-X10 Series Relay Socket - - - - - - - -
RS-stocknr. 842-3861
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250V C4-A40 Series Relay, C4-R30 Series Relay, C4-T31Series Relay, C4-X20 Series Relay Socket - - - - - - - -
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400V C5 Series Relay Socket - - - - - - - -