Linear Guides - Assemblies

Linear guides assemblies are mechanisms that can bear loads while also guiding the linear movement of the loads simultaneously. They are designed for high loads and high stiffness.

How do linear guides assemblies work?

Linear guides assemblies consist of a mechanism in which rolling elements recirculate along a ball groove formed on a rail and ball slide. Similar to ball screw assemblies, the balls are then forced to change their circulating direction by a return guide, repeating the endless circulation motion. They have low friction and can take loads in all directions with enhanced moving accuracy and high precision.

What are linear guides assemblies used for?

Linear guides assemblies are used as guides to move machine tables in inspection apparatus and manufacturing equipment that requires high precision positioning. They are also found in machine cutting tools and material-handling robots.

Other typical applications of linear guides assemblies include:

  • Packaging machines
  • Heath technologies
  • Presses
  • Aerospace assembly
  • Automated assembly and production lines
  • Transfer of machine-glazed paper

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Omschrijving Prijs Manufacturer Series Rail Width Rail Length Carriage Length Carriage Width Dynamic Load Rating Static Load Rating Rail Material
RS-stocknr. 917-5945
128,05 €
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LWL 3mm 150mm - - 353N 587N Stainless Steel
RS-stocknr. 917-5942
116,97 €
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LWL 3mm 150mm - - 251N 361N Stainless Steel
RS-stocknr. 917-5936
101,33 €
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LWL 3mm 60mm - - 353N 587N Stainless Steel
RS-stocknr. 917-5948
90,24 €
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LWL 3mm 60mm - - 251N 361N Stainless Steel