Tube Cutters

A tube cutter is a hand held tool used for cutting plastic and nitrile rubber tubing and air line hose to the required length.

What does it do?

Tubing or hose is inserted into the head of the cutting tool. Pressure is applied to the handles of the tool closing the head where the internal blades are held. Blades cut through the wall of the tubing slicing off the end or section.

Why do you need it?

Air line tubing and hose are supplied longer coils and lengths. A tube cutter enables you to cut the tube to the required length for the application in hand.


There are two types of tube cutter available;

• Finger type: The two finger type cutter is a handy small tube cutter that could easily be attached to a keyring or popped into a pocket or overall. The tube cutter has a plastic body with small internal blades in the tip of the tool. A two finger pincer action is all that is required operate the tool.

• Plier type: The pliers tool is a more robust industrial type cutter. The metal handles of the tool require a full hand squeeze to clamp together the cutting head.

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Plastic 20mm - - -
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